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The Linton Howard Advantage

Premium Executive Recruitment

Linton Howard takes away the stress from executive recruitment - with recruitment experts that optimise your candidate search for the best possible outcome.

Retain Control of Your Spend

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies that charge a percentage of the total salary, Linton Howards charges an hourly rate, which translates to significant cost savings for you.

Personalised Service

Led by Managing Director Gary Linton, our team works closely with you throughout each assignment to ensure needs and objectives are fully understood and consistently met.

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    We recently used the services of Linton Howard POWER in the recruitment process for 5 senior people over a 2 month period, including a General Manager, Engineering Manager, Sales Manager and Financial Controller. We achieved a great outcome.

    Linton Howard assisted with the Position Descriptions, the Job Advertisement on Seek and handling all of the applications for each role. Our costs were a fraction of the usual full service recruitment costs – over the 5 roles it was under 25% of what some recruitment firms charge. A great saving of both time and money, and a successful hire on each occasion.
    Andrew Buckley, Executive Chairman
    Muir Engineering
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    We used Linton Howard Executive to find a COO for our business and were delighted with both the process and the outcome.

    The attention to detail at every step of the way, from understanding our requirements, helping define the PD, interviews candidate management, reference checking and offer/rejection was outstanding. Truly a premium service, that delivered the results we needed.
    Tara Hawkins, Director
    Bill Butler Pty Ltd
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    Our experience of working with Gary Linton and Linton Howard Executive to find a Director HR and Financial Controller was exceptional at every stage, from taking the brief through to the signing of contracts with the successful candidates.

    He went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the process was conducted in the most professional but very friendly manner.
    Bill Delaney, CEO
    Trapeze Group Asia Pacific

The Importance Of Hiring Well

Consider the cost and aggravation of a bad hire. 3-6 + months of salary wasted, the damage to your team, the drain on resources, the lack of performance, the cost to the bottom line.

Choosing Linton Howard to assist in your search is a very wise investment. We have the experience, ability and insight to work with you to understand both the roles you are filling and the ideal candidates for the positions.


Meet Your Expert in Executive Recruitment, Gary Linton

Gary is founder/Managing Director of Linton Howard with over 30 years’ experience successfully managing and growing a diverse range companies large and small. In addition to leading and running companies operating globally, including SAAB ITS, Greenspan Technology and Prospect Group, he has extensive management advisory and executive search experience in mining, construction, manufacturing, professional services, franchising, technology and start-ups. This experience spans Australasia, Asia, the Middle East Europe and USA.

Functions we serve


Financial Officers

Board Members



Risk Management


Supply Chain

If you're hiring for a role that doesn't fit in the above categories, reach out to us, as we work across many niche industries, and can still help you.

Ready to take the next step?

Know where you are, where you're going and how to get there.

Please note: Linton Howard Executive only works with companies looking to hire, and not candidates looking for positions. Thank you.

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    Please note: Linton Howard Executive only works with companies looking to hire, and not candidates looking for positions. Thank you.

    What Will the Process Look Like?

    What will your journey with Linton Howard look like? We've outlined our process for you below. This applies to the traditonal and POWER models.

    Stage 1Linton Howard consults with you to confirm the scope of work. This will include optimising the position description(s) and selection criteria.
    Stage 2Linton Howard consults with you on most effective Seek/LinkedIn ad creation AND placement and then manage advertising placement for maximum impact.
    Stage 3Linton Howard acknowledges, fields and collates daily candidate expressions of interest, including those made by phone contact. 
    Stage 4Linton Howard formulates and presents a spread sheet of agreed number of best candidate expressions of interest. Linton Howard performs initial screening of candidates against established selection criteria, formulates and presents a candidate shortlist for the position, or presents suitable candidates as they apply, depending on client preference.
    Stage 5Linton Howard can coordinate/ schedule all candidate interviews and facilitate the sharing of post interview feedback with all candidates and client representative.
    Stage 6Linton Howard can create and complete reference checks on each preferred candidate.
    Linton Howard can facilitate and communicate all formal offers, candidate negotiation and acceptance, and on-boarding requirements as necessary. Whether successful or not, all candidates will be notified of the outcome of their expression of interest

    What kind of roles do you specialise in?

    We specialise in management and senior management roles across a broad range of sectors.  These include CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, GM’s, Ops Managers, CFO’s, Financial Controllers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Construction Managers, R&D Managers, Production Managers, Customer Service Managers – and many others.  We do not currently undertake entry level roles.

    With a premium service, how do your rates compare with others?

    With low overheads our rates are extremely competitive and represent great value.  For best value, we recommend entering into a Preferred Supplier Agreement with us.

    Why do you recommend psychological profiling as part of the recruitment process?

    For senior positions it is very helpful to determine the verbal, numerical, and problem solving skills of a candidate and also the personality traits for cultural and personal fit with the company and executive team.

    Do you also recruit for Board positions?

    Linton Howard has extensive experience filling governance Board roles, and Managing Director Gary Linton himself has extensive current and past experience as a Non-Executive Director and Non-Executive Chairman of many companies both private, listed and not for profit.

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